Awesome moments

Those moments that are awesome (: Feel free to leave a submission in my Ask box. I can put your URL in the description of the post too :) <3 x

Heyyy guys. So I was wondering if any of you wanted to check out my personal account, where I post stuff daily (mostly), unlike this page which I haven’t posted on in aaagggeeesss.

So yeah, my URL is

So give it a cheeky follow if you like ;)

I have no ideas at the moment, so if anyone does, drop me a message in my Ask box :) If I choose your suggestion, I can put your URL or name or whatever at the bottom of the image if you’d like. Anyone?


Hey guys.

I need suggestions of more photos to edit. If  you suggest one I can put your name/username/link at the bottom of the photo if you’d like. So, any suggestions?